Don’t Let Your Ideas Die

The only way to keep a flame hot is to stoke the fire.

Earlier today you were eating your lunch and something sparked in your mind and lit a fire. It is the best idea you’ve had, and one that is sure to succeed. You tell your friends and make a few plans. Eventually, a few weeks have gone by and you still think about it all the time, but mostly why it won’t work or why you can’t do it. This is a story all of us have experienced even if we can’t remember and it is the downfall of the vast majority of great ideas.

How do you prevent your flame from burning out when it feels inevitable in today’s culture of busy lives and endless responsibilities? The answer is very easy to say and incredibly difficult to do: Start today. If you have to stay up an hour later to get work done or wake up early. If you have to quit your current job to pursue your goals, lose sleep, or work more efficiently do it because the time is now. Foster that flame like your life depends on it and never let it go. Starting is making a commitment to yourself and the more you get done the stronger the flame will get.

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