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I am incredibly excited to announce a new podcast that I have in the works! The show is called [Tech]Story. It will be a regularly published podcast available on just about every platform, and in each episode I will be covering an innovative technology or strategy that has changed the world. Typically these technologies are the beginning of a long line of inventions that we use daily without realizing, or have been so influential that life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Why I am starting this podcast:

My Inspiration for this podcast is to bring you with me on a journey to understand and appreciate the tech we use, and to contemplate what the future holds. My goal is that in the time it takes you to drive to work, take a lunch break, or even cook we can both gain deeper knowledge into the world around us. Further, my belief is that this understanding builds a toolbox that can be applied in business, DIY, the world of makers, and even around the house. Being an expert on the topic is not what matters, it is knowing enough about a solution to understand it’s waiting for us that matters.

When you can expect it:

The release date is set for December 4th. At 9am on that day, five podcasts will be available. Depending on how things go, a new podcast will be released weekly, or bi- weekly (twice a month). Tuesdays or Wednesdays are when I will plan to release the newest edition. 

What kind of tech would you love to see covered? Comment below or fill out my Contact form!

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