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Linkedin_prof_emailSeven years ago I started out learning to draft by hand, spending hours ensuring my paper was aligned with my T-square, drawing construction lines, and lettering to my hearts content. While continuing with that practice I moved on to 2d drafting in AutoCAD, and after becoming proficient moved into both architectural drafting and mechanical modeling. After beginning my early college years I was able to earn a certification in SolidWorks and began fulfilling clients needs in 3d modeling. I have accrued experience in 2d CNC work, injection molding, large scale manufacturing, small scale assembly, and am expanding into CAM.

ThrouCSWAgh M. L. McKinney LLC I am able to offer quality modeling and drafting services using industry standard software with 1 on 1 consultation. Together we can tweak your design until it is exactly what you want!


Below is a gallery of previous work I have done in the 3d design space. It is not all inclusive, rather it is a sampling of the various projects that I have been involved in.




The following is a sample of my most recent blog posts.

Carbon Fiber

Welcome! To tech-story, where I share with you the story of technologies that have disrupted thinking, And changed the world. I’m your host, Maxx McKinney, and today we’re going to be learning about Carbon fiber which is a more recent development in the market, with a plethora of uses.


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