My name is Maxx McKinney and I am a photographer based in Fredericksburg, VA. I pursue photography for its own sake as a passion, as a topic of study, and naturally for the art; meanwhile, my day job pays the bills (Engineer). I am also launching a new business to offer commercial photography which I've named Emulsa Visual (site under construction), and take portraits as well. Thoughts of shots I want to get, how to get them, and when I can do it are constantly on my mind and I have a long list of people, places, and things I hope to capture one day. When creating my images the goal is to convey how the moment felt, and why it mattered. I am especially fascinated with the concept the “Decisive Moment” from Henri Cartier-Bresson. It’s the concept that in any scene there is a moment where the subjects, composition, and photographer are all in the right place an time, and the photo that results will describe the scene perfectly.
     I remember when picking elective classes for 8th grade that there was a photography course listed in the catalog, but the class wasn’t offered because there were no teachers to teach it. Again in 9th grade and through High School it was never offered. I wanted to start photography then but I really just didn’t have the means or time. Plus, there were other things like sports and school vying for my time. Eventually - well into college - I was working internships and jobs, and I decided it was time to invest in a camera, so I bought an entry-level mirrorless Sony camera (a6000) in 2016. The goal was to document life and travels with my wife, but it quickly turned into a passion. Now days I have leaned heavily into film photography for much of my personal work but still use digital often - especially for client work.
     Recently I’ve been researching the art, and the photographers that pushed the medium forward, with the hope of using the lessons in my own work. Portraiture and light and shadow are currently my focuses.
-M. McKinney
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