#BlackLivesMatter protests in Fredericksburg Virginia - June 2020
Standing in protest.
A Protestor confronts a police cruiser.
Protestors make their way through the city.
Along with those marching, supporters passed out waters and other supplies.
A protestor leads chants while standing on the auction block which was used to sell slaves and property. The block has since been removed.
Anthony Footé - the primary organizer - skates with the group while sharing the event live on Facebook.
Protestors expressed their anger.
One of the protestors lays down with the rest of the group in front of the city court house while chanting.
Many of those in their vehicles expressed support for the protestors.
Protestors pause while crossing the bridge to chant and rally.
A protestors talks to the Stafford police department across the river.
The Stafford PD bring out the riot team to drive the crowd back across the bridge.
Protestors hold their ground.
Police fire gas canisters from atop an armored vehicle.
Protestors toss the canisters back in defense.
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